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Our Riders for 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
STAATS/Ciari Factory Team Australia 2018 Team Roster - Team managers Brett Williams & John Burton

Adam Carey NSW

Alex Vanstan QLD

Sam Thompson NSW

STAATS/Ciari National Team Australia 2018 Team Roster - Team manager John Burton

Laura Gasperski ACT

Isabella Burton NSW

Marley Burton NSW

Chaise Burton NSW

Cameron Amor NSW

Benji Halton NSW

Ralph Halton NSW

Skylar Murphy NSW

Kayden Murphy NSW

Kyle Young NSW

Claudia Hannan NSW

Daniel Leahy NSW

Reid Clough NSW

John Wright NSW

Reece Bessell NSW

Ella Fairhall NSW

Phoenix Stevis NSW

Kaylan Harris NSW

Adam Darby NSW

Blair Darby NSW

Logan Darby NSW

Ian Orr NT

Keirn Orr NT

Alannah Orr NT

Jett Chaplin QLD

Brayden Chaplin QLD

Darcy Rankin QLD

Brett Halter QLD

Wesley Mathers QLD

Isabella Halter QLD

Darcie Moore QLD

Jacob Moore QLD

Jack Weise QLD

Owen Barden QLD

Zoe Barden QLD

Ethan Stevens QLD

Oren McSherry QLD

Dylan Shaw QLD

Charles Shaw QLD

Glen Shaw QLD

Jett Stevens QLD

Michael Stevens QLD

Paige Akers QLD

Shiann Akers QLD

Luke Joosten QLD

Emma Harkin QLD

Joshua Harkin QLD

Scott Roberts SA

Shane Marshell SA

Lachlan Hines VIC

Grant Hines VIC

Flynn Edwards WA

Matthew fitzgerald WA

Indi Harrison WA


BMX EDGE Racing Team - Team Manager Brett Williams - brett@bmxedge.com.au

We will be building this new team in 2018

Team mentor: Craig Fisher QLD

Lochlan Edwards - WA 
Alex Bozsan - QLD
Kayum Fernandez Polach - NSW

Scott Amor - NSW
Stella Andrews - NSW
Jonny Andrews - NSW
Max Andrews - NSW
Ben McDonald - NSW
Kaelee D'Evelynes - NSW
Harvey D'Evelynes - NSW
Tyra-Leigh Tracey - NSW
Ryder Nicholson - NSW
Sebastian Topping - NSW
Sophie Fairhall - NSW
Melissa Ott - NSW

We are wanting to start teams in Victoria, South Australia, Northern Teritory, Tasmainia and Western Australia to join one of the best supported grass roots teams in Australia. Interested? send your resume to bmxedge@ymail.com


Co-Sponsored, Co-Supported Riders and Teams:

Luke Madill NSW

Mikayla Rose ACT

Lorsyn Affoo QLD

Kye Affoo QLD

20inch Training Racing Team


SE Factory Racing Squad Australia

The Andrews Kids South Coast BMX

South Coast BMX Crew

This support deal is open for those that wish to ride and use any of the brands we carry.

For information on becoming a Co-Sponsored or Co-Supported Rider or Team please email us at bmxedge@ymail.com