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Custom BMX Race Bikes


BMX Edge can custom build your next race bike using the parts, brands, colours and accessories that you want using the following frames as a base.

GHP Premium Race Frames: "Australia's Bike of the Year 2010"

GHP Standard Race Frame Kits: Red/ White
Kit includes: Standard frame, forks, headset, stem, pole & seat.

ONE Bicycles Frames:

Redline Flight Frames:

Redman Frames:

Supercross Frames: ENVY, BOLT LT and  BLUR

DK Frames: Octane and Professional

AVENT Frames: TR7 and Neo

Hillbrick Frames: Australian Owned

Let us know what you want and we will quote your build for you. Don't spend thousands building your next custom bike build by buying bits from different places, get it all from one place, have it built right and save money at the same time.

Try us out for a quote today, our price may just surprise you as we don not lookat each part and price it up on on each part at retail. Instead we look at the total cost price and then workout the total build price to you.

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BOX Genius short reach lever
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