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Our carbon wheelset is the best what you can get to go faster. Utilizing several years of research,

testing and redesigning, we are proud to bring unexceptional BMX wheelset which is far ahead of

any other wheels on market. Carbon rims design, shape and size is optimilzed to best performance.

After testing carbon rims with several depths - we found 33 mm depth 

and 30 mm width ( Pro size ) and 33-38 mm depth and 20 mm width ( mini and expert )as optimum for

BMX . High quality Torray 700 carbon fiber, titanum wire to support stability and life time warranty

is just few features to highlight. 

Wheels are built with our proprietary spokes and hubs. Pls see below for more details. Each wheelset

comes with all hardware - set of special brake pads for carbon rims, Bombshell valve extendors w/

alu caps, alu cog and rim tapes. 

Carbon rims are lighter than any aluminum rims and provide much more stiffnes and strength, while

not compromising wheel stability. This said - well build carbon wheelset will last you 3-4 times longer

than regular high end racing wheelset with alloy rims. 


super mini with soap tire ( tubular )28h only ONE80Ti hubset 15g ION spokes, alu nipples, alu cog  weight 2.7lb including tires /rider weight limit 80 lb

mini 20h 1 1/8 tire ONE80Ti hubset XRAY Titanium spokes, alu nipples, alu cog weight 2.4 lb  rider weigh limit 90 lb

mini 28h 1 1/8 tire  ONE80TI hubset XRAY logo spokes ( Ti spokes optional ) alu nipples, alu cog weight 2.8lb (2.6 lb with TI spokes ) rider weight limit 110 lb

expert 28h1 1/8 & 1 3/8 tire  ONE80 hubset ION 15g spokes, alu cog rider weight limit 150 lb

expert 1.5 28h 1.4-1.75 tire  ONE80+ hubset ION 15g spokes alu cog rider weight limit 180 lb

Pro 28h 1.5-2.0 tires STRAIGHT PULL hubset ION 14g spokes, alu cog, no rider weight limit

Pro 36h 1.5-2.0 tires STRAIGHT PULL hubset ION 14g spokes, alu cog, no rider weight limit

Pro 24" 28h  1.5-2.1 tires ONE80PRO hubset ION 14g spokes, alu cog, no rider weight limit

Pro 24" 36h 1.5-2.1 tires ONE80 PRO hubset, ION 14g spokes, alu cog, no rider weight limit

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